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  • Lean 3P vs DFSS

    Before to start to discuss about analogies and differences between DFSS and Lean 3P I try to give you a short overview of both methods spending more words in this post for 3P. DFSS Design for Six Sigma : The proven and powerful Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodology can be used for both in...

    Tags: 3P, DFSS, lean manufacturing, six sigma, design for manufacturing, DFM

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  • What Is a Cardboard City?

    What Is a Cardboard City? When designing large spaces, different issues can come up that can be caught early on in the design process, if it’s handled correctly. Various approaches have been developed to tackle this problem, and 3D renderings are often used to preview how the space is goin...

    Tags: Lean Manufacturing, Visual Management, 3P, cardboard, cardboard cities, cardboard city, design on a budget, lean design

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