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  • Innovation or Not – 3D Printed Body Parts

    Need a new bladder? Let me print you one made from your own cells so your body won’t reject it. Need some new skin? Let me scan the area as we go and lay down just the right type of material when and where it is needed. Sound like science fiction? It is rapidly becoming ...Original: https:/...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Health/Healthcare, Innovation, 3D Printing, Kidney Transplants, Life Sciences, organs, transplant medicine

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  • Top 5 Innovative Technologies That Will Disrupt and Dominate 2019 and Beyond

    With every passing year, innovations on this planet abound. Just 30 years ago, the internet was a rarity, and few could have ever imagined just how extensively this new technology would disrupt and dominate our lives. As we move toward 2019, the rate at which we are producing these innovations is...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Innovation, 3D Printing, 5g, ai, Blockchain, green, IoT, Security, Telepresence

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  • What is Lean 4.0?

    Lean 4.0 is the conjunction of Lean Manufacturing / Lean Management with Industry 4.0 assuming that both complement and reinforce each other mutually. Lean and Industry 4.0 are both production paradigms with a common objective: manufacture efficiently in small batches highly customized products. ...

    Tags: Lean 4.0, 3D printing, Additive manufacturing, digitalization, Lean Management

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