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  • Innovation: Don’t flirt if you don’t mean business

    “This has been the most energized, inspired day in my long career here,” proclaimed a Senior Director of R&D of a durable goods company, “but it will be a complete waste of time if the company doesn’t launch any of these products or services.” His comments resoun...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, Innovation, Innovation Perspectives, #businessinnovation, #respectinnovation, #teaminnovation, growth

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  • Team Innovation Is The Secret Sauce To Success

    Team innovation is the secret sauce to a business’s success. It creates a strong competitive advantage and helps you go further, faster than the competition. But, removing the barriers and getting a team to innovate beyond a creative off-site meeting once a quarter can feel challenging. In ...

    Tags: innovation, innovation excellence, collaboration, Creativity, culture, Innovation, #businessinnovation, #corporateculture, #team #collaboration, #teaminnovation

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