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Gemba Academy

By Steven Bonacorsi

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Free Recording of “Why Isn’t Lean Working?” Webinar – plus new videos, podcasts, and blog posts!

The recording of last week’s webinar “Why Isn’t Lean Working – Investing in People to Navigate the Lean Road Trip” with Jamie Parker of FedEx is now available to view, free and without registration:



Gemba Academy is very excited to announce Gemba Academy Español!


Beginning with the 5S course, we are moving beyond Spanish captions to videos with Spanish-speaking presenters, and with all background graphics, supporting files, and quizzes also translated into Spanish.

This first course will be formally released next week!

Watch a sample and sign up to receive updates on Gemba Academy Español!


What languages would you like us to make future lean and six sigma training available in? Answer our one question survey!


Over the past seven years Gemba Academy has produced over 1,000 lean and six sigma online training videos, which are now used by over 2,000 organizations around the world. Our mission is to remove the struggle with continuous improvement training.

For a free preview go here:

Pricing and options:


New Podcasts

- How to Stay Motivated on Your Lean Journey with Dale Crownover
- How to Use Storytelling with Jacob Stoller
- Mastering Puppets with Filipe Marques
- How to Apply Lean to Healthcare with Mark Graban
- How to Use the Power Score with Jonathan Sands

Visit the Gemba Academy podcasts page:


New Blog Posts

- Performance, Not Policy by Kevin Meyer
- So You Think You Need an A3 Template by Jon Miller
- Safety in Numbers: What Message Are We Sending by Steven Kane
- How to Become a More Passionate Leader & Person by Ron Pereira

Visit the Gemba Academy blog:


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Steven Bonacorsi

Steven Bonacorsi is the Founder of the Lean Six Sigma Group, President of ISLSS, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Steven Bonacorsi, President at the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)
- Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma Methodology.
- Expert in Kaizen event for rapid project execution.
- Certified PMP (Project Management Professional)
- Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
- Masters in Computer Information Systems (MS-CIS)
- Numerous IT certifications.
- Over 20 years of Professional Business Consulting experience at the C-Level.
Executive Master Black Belt leading $ billion business transformation projects globally in multiple Industries. I am a leader who delivers results.