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Why Lean Programs Fail

Why Lean Programs Fail

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Toyota’s success has inspired tens of thousands of organizations to adopt some form of a lean program. The term was introduced in The Machine That Changed the World and later in Lean Thinking as a new paradigm that was as monumental as the shift from craft-style to mass production. The focus of lean is on the customer and the value stream. You can say it is a pursuit of perfection by constantly eliminating waste through problem solving. Certainly an organization that is truly dedicated to becoming lean is on a path toward excellence.

Yet a large survey conducted by Industry Week in 2007 found that only 2 percent of companies that have a lean program achieved their anticipated results. our different journeys and experiences with companies that people have had a fundamental misunderstanding of what the Toyota Production.

More recently, the Shingo Prize committee, which gives awards for excellence in lean manufacturing, went back to past winners and found that many had not sustained their progress after winning the award. The award criteria were subsequently changed. Why is the pursuit of excellence through lean so difficult?

  • By Randy

    Extra lean means being the program not just following the plan loosely.  We need to teach the program so intently that it is inherent in the individual who then practises looking for new ways to improve all day.  Worker satisfaction is of course key.  It's not Toyota per se but the Japanese dedication to excellence in general.  Give them any business, they will make it lean.  Me?  I look for concessions in the workforce that amount to equity for better equipment, tools and worker rewards which I have seen them accept willingly in several cases in personal OEE.  Reinvesting in teaching as an ongoing learning process is understood as it continuously improves efficiency.

  • By Randy

    Ok, where are the OEE data samples from the employees' REAL (as control group is inefficient for obvious reasons) GRIEVANCES to demonstrably justify their unwillingness to make breakdown predictions for therein lies your problem.  This is a Lean no less Italian Six Sigma Academy, therefore, certainly you thought of that one?  Reply should not withstand the fact that I accept vague in the original reply.  Am I only reply to myself?  Why am I being prompted to reply?  No matter.  I wish to upload a gem of a picture as a token of my esteem to the University.

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    Terrible but you decide which of pre or suffix it should be.  Rule #34 CCFG.

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