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What is "Lean Six Sigma" for our Experts

'Lean Six Sigma' is just the name that we presently give to a collection of principles, concepts, methods, tools and techniques for Business and Manufacturing process improvement. Don't get caught up in the 'why' we call it that... yet...it is just a name... a 'brand' if you like. What is important is that it contains the total Body of Knowledge of principles, concepts, methods, tools and techniques that have been developed, tested and proved to be successful over the past centuries ( yes... many of the concepts and tools have been well understood and used for improvement for over 100 years or more ).

STOP trying to separate 'Lean' from 'Six Sigma'... they were both words 'invented' way after the principles and tools that they represent. They are just words.

STOP referring to the Toyota Production System so much. Yes, they do a lot of things well, but so have many other companies, many of them used Lean Six Sigma principles and tools well before Toyota even made its first car !

STOP spending too much time on the 6 standard deviation explanation of the name 'Six Sigma'...that aspect of it and the whole DPMO and 1.5 sigma shift ideas does the whole subject a discredit, and anyone who hears about it in their early teaching of the subject will be cynical and sceptical and will be discouraged from learning the other IMPORTANT principles, tools etc.

STOP taking so much about T. Ohno as if he was uniquely important. He was one for dozens ( even hundreds ) of great minds and leaders who all contributed to this package of Knowledge as Adam Smith and Division of Labour In 1776 or Carl Gauss or Karl Pearson or Henry Gantt or Ronald Fisher or Frederick Taylor or Frank Gilbreth or Frank Woollard or Walter Shewhart or Shigeo Shingo or Genichi Taguchi or Joseph Juran or W. Edwards Deming etc etc ... This is by no means a full list !


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