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VOC - Voice Of Community



Voice Of Community, aligned to the Voice Of Customer concepts, is a set of special tools useful for giving the right importance to the requests of community's members.

Below just a short descriptions of the tools:


Voice of Community


Poll : it is a tool where community's members can create their personal surveys, they can ask question to the community's members with a list of closed answers.

Questions: Here the community's members can ask opened questions, all members can give their contribute to the discussion but only "Experts" members can fix the answer as a "Correct answer". The status of "Expert" is given by the administration staff at front of a professional evaluation.




Event icon 


Event: It is sophisticated tool where the community's member can schedule professional events (Trainings, webinar, conventions, etc.) 




 Social Collaboration


Social Collaboration: is the tools used for the transformation of the member's requests in reality. With this tools we realize those that we named "People for People" concept.