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Social Collaboration


We are "Social" in everything we do. You can take part to our project in active manner.

To have the possibility to take in charge some tasks (the list of tasks is here), you need to register to the our platforms following the steps below:


- register to our Trello Board here

- register to Lean Six Sigma Community here

- send me a Friend Request

After that I accept the friend request you can modify the tasks (also future tasks) and you can change the "Worker" field with your name. With this operation you'll take in charge the task.

After taking charge, the task will be followed on Trello.

You can see the progresses of our works on Trello or on our Tasks list that.


Example of  activities list

You can contribute to the growth of the company, if you think you can carry on part of the activities, becomes part of our team by signing up via the link : https://trello.com/invite/b/BQ3NdpaN/386a9a65a870d71efa9d6cc50808d2ed/social-collaboration


If you need of more information please don't hesitate to contact us.