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Rewards Points

Lean Six Sigma Community rewards high quality contents and high quality authors. More cooperate and more will be your benefits !!

Perform actions mean accumulate points (for details click here) that can be used in different ways.

You can exchange points with products & services/vouchers made available from our partners.

You can reach prestigious status in one of the larger professional community, you will became:


Premium Member (5000 points in one year) is a guarantee of maximum community participation, a premium member is an expert engaged in the divulgation of Lean & Six Sigma approaches, is a high quality content writer and have a great reputation on the network. Many of Your articles will be inserted as Featured and they will be promoted on Lean Six Sigma Network (more than 20 Linkedin Groups, Twitter, Scoop it, Tumblr, Facebook and many other. You’ll receive the analytics data of the champaign.



Senior Member (2500 points in on year) is our middle level, you love to write high quality contents but less frequently, you start to create an importance presence on the network and we are sure that this community can help you in this goal. We'll begin to insert your articles as Featured receiving for them the same services of thought for Premium Member.