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  • How accumulate award points

How accumulate award points

Perform actions on our social network you can accumulate points that can be used in different ways.

There are also extra activities, not performed on our social network, but can give you the possibility to accumulate extra credits. For example, start to promote our social/contents on your network and ask us your rewards using userpoints balance features.

Also, all members not interested to accumulate points, in any moment can give their points to another member as a Gift.

Below the details on how to accumulate points on our social in day by day actions:

General Activities

Points for making another member a friend: 10 points
Points for posting a blog entry: 15 points
Points for uploading a file: 5 points
Points for adding a bookmark: 5 points 
Points for posting a comment: 5 points
Points for posting to the river: 5 points 
Points for posting to the wire: 5 points
Points for starting a group: 10 points
Points for adding a group discussion topic: 10 points
Points for replying in a group discussion topic: 5 points 
Points for posting to a user's message board: 5 points

Poll Plugin

Points for posting a poll: 10 points 
Points for voting on a poll: 5 points


Points for uploading a photo: 5 points


Points for making a recommendation: 5 points

Require approval before awarding points: yes

Login Settings

Points for logging in: 5 points
Time before awarding points again? Yes 
Maximum number of days between logins to be awarded points: 1 day

Invite Settings

Points for inviting a friend: 10 points
Validate email addresses of invited friends? Yes
Require registration for invited friends? Yes
Expire points for pending invitations / allow re-invitation after: 1 week


Delete points if the content they were awarded for is deleted? Yes