17 Ways Be A Leader Even If You Are Not In Charge

17 Ways Be A Leader Even If You Are Not In Charge

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17 Ways Be A Leader Even If You Are Not In Charge

Leaders are everywhere—you don’t need to have a title or a position to be a leader.

What makes you a leader is defined not by your role but by who you are. You don’t need to be the boss to be in charge. A leader can be anyone, despite their title or tenure, regardless of their position or power.

Here are 17 actions and traits that make up the core of leadership. If you have them–You are a leader. If you don’t, and you want to lead, start today to cultivate these habits.

1. You keep raising your own standards. If you’re always doing better, doing more, and working with excellence, you are a leader.

2. You offer solutions instead of concentrating on problems. If you’re known as a problem solver or someone who brings ideas to make things better, you are a leader

3. You share what you know. If you believe in helping others do their best by making sure they have all available information, you are a leader.

4. You are an effective communicator. If you’re a clear, concise communicator, you listen to learn, and people are drawn to what you say and how you say it, you are a leader.

5. You are a connector. If you like to connect with other people and connect other people with each other because you understand that leadership is about relationships, you are a leader.

6. You have a voice. If you have a distinct voice, one that defends values and purpose and inspires others to follow, you are a leader.

7. You seek to collaborate and contribute. If what you do is about facilitating contribution by leveraging collaboration and you seek to contribute to change, you are a leader.

8. You know how to stay calm in the storm. If everyone around you is in panic, stressing out and spinning their wheels, but you know how to stay calm and be resilient when things are tough, you are a leader.

9. You are first on board. If you take risks and make bold moves by being the first on board, you are a leader

10. You have earned respect. If people respect you enough that you’re in a great position to influence others, you are a leader.

11. You don’t take things personally. If you can be the kind of person who doesn’t take things personally, if you respond rationally rather than emotionally when you don’t like someone’s tone or words, you are a leader.

12. You are trusted. If people trust you, that means you are known for doing the right thing the right way. When you do, you have impact and you are a leader.

13. You don’t gossip. If you hold yourself to never speaking ill of others, to their face or behind their back, you are exceptional—and you are a leader.

14. You harness positivity. If you are the kind of person who sees the bright side of things and finds positivity in what they do, you will have people aligned with you—and you are a leader.

15. You exhibit confidence. If you exhibit confidence (whether you feel it or not) that keeps you at the front of the pack, you are a leader.

16. You give credit to others. If you work with others and you openly thank them and recognize their contributions, you are a leader.

17. You set the example. If you make yourself accountable for your actions and how you behave, your actions will always matter, because you are a leader.

Lead From Within: It really doesn’t take a fancy title or important responsibilities to be a leader. All you have to do is lead wherever you are with whomever you encounter.

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