The Growing Importance of Customer Service

The Growing Importance of Customer Service

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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The Growing Importance of Customer Service

Customer service has always been at the center of many companies’ work, but it was not until recently that we started to truly comprehend its important in the grand scheme of things. As a result, many companies have started to completely change their approach to servicing their clients, and various new trends have cropped up on this market as a result. It’s not only interesting to follow those developments but important too if you want to see your company growing properly in the long run.

Markets Are Changing Fast

A lot has happened on the general market in the last few years, and we’re probably just seeing the tip of the iceberg too. Various developments are coming up on the horizon that could have major implications on the way the market will work in the future.

Customers now demand faster, more precise and personalized services, and this demand will likely only continue to grow in the coming years. It’s especially problematic when you consider certain sectors that did not have practices of immediate response rooted into their work, but have had to rearrange that in the last years.

The Internet Has Improved a Lot on Both Sides

Still, the advance of the internet into our lives has changed a lot, and it’s enabled companies to be even better and more precise in the services that they deliver. There have been various improvements for both users as well as the companies themselves.

While people are now able to find information that’s relevant to them more easily and filter it for the things that they truly need, companies can also use these technologies to provide a more direct, personal approach to their customer support. And the fact that it’s now completely reasonable to expect the average person to be constantly connected to the internet and aware of the important trends online has been very helpful as well. As a whole, the situation is moving in the right direction for both companies and their clients.

Immediate Service

The rise of the on-demand market is also hard to ignore. People are now used to getting their hands on their newly purchased products and services much faster and without any intermediate hassle. Streamlining these processes has become the main activity of a large number of companies, and many of them have already started to see remarkable results in this regard. But it will likely take some time before immediate services start to become truly commonplace on the market.

Until then, it’s still important to work hard on evolving your services in this direction, and ensuring that you’re able to provide your customers with an immediate response to their queries. It will not only save time in your support – it will play a huge role in improving the impressions people have of your business.

Outsourcing or Expanding?

Outsourcing customer support services is becoming increasingly commonplace for many companies. It’s easy to see why too – it can significantly optimize the way a company utilizes its resources and can open up various new possibilities for them in their regular work. At the same time, outsourcing customer support comes with an inherent cost – you’re sacrificing some of the control over the process. Consider carefully if that’s worth it in your specific circumstances.

But the benefits of outsourcing are hard to ignore as well. You will get access to much faster, more competent service providers who know exactly what your customers expect to get from their support inquiries and know-how to deliver the right answers. This is something that you can develop internally as well, sure – but it will take a lot of time and effort to get there, and outsourcing is a great shortcut through all that.

Make sure that you measure your progress as much as possible as well. It can be difficult to know that you’re moving in the right direction sometimes. Unless you’re actually measuring your data and confirming that you’re hitting the right milestones, you might have some serious misconceptions about how well you’re doing at the moment. There’s a reason why some companies put so much focus on their data collection practices, and it’s not a bad idea for you to consider that as well.

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