Why It’s Never Too Late for Innovative Approaches

Why It’s Never Too Late for Innovative Approaches

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Why It’s Never Too Late for Innovative Approaches

One of the worst things you could do to your organization is to shy away from innovation because you believe that the company is too far gone for that. And while that might be true in a very small number of cases, those are usually extreme examples where the writing is on the wall for quite some time.

In most cases, you can never go wrong with considering a bit more innovation in your operations. And there are plenty of opportunities for that nowadays as well. You just need to keep your eyes open and explore what the market offers on a regular basis.

The Market Is Always Moving

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re involved in. The market you’re dealing with is likely highly dynamic and requires constant attention if you want to keep up with its trends. This means that you can’t count on today’s methods to still be viable tomorrow. That’s something many leaders realize all too late and end up pushing their companies in the wrong direction stubbornly until they can go no further.

You Can Always Benefit from an Improvement

This brings us to our next point. Even if you don’t see any point in innovating heavily in your current state, you can pretty much always benefit from improving things in this regard. Think about it – is there really a downside to improving production rates or decreasing the frequency of manufacturing errors? In most cases, there isn’t.

Even if it’s a small change, it can often impact your operations in a major way. You should not underestimate the potential of certain improvements for transforming the entire state of your operations in the long run. It starts with small changes, and they can add up over time.

Long-term Benefits Can Add Up Fast

And that’s another important factor to consider. Even if you don’t see any results in the beginning, you’d be surprised how fast those can stack up over time. Small changes can become very pronounced given enough time, and sometimes the right combination of a few small factors can completely alter your perspective on your production and other aspects of your organization.

Of course, this is not valid for absolutely every small change you can make. But with a bit of exploration and experimentation, you’re quickly going to find the right combinations.

Preparing for the Worst

Innovation is not just about improving your current performance. It can also be useful for addressing potential future problems within your organization which may not even be on the table yet. You might not even realize the need for some of those changes until it’s too late. But with the right approach, you can easily protect your company from many types of negative effects over its lifetime, and ensure that you don’t meet the same fate as some of your failing competitors.

On that note, make sure that you analyze the performance of other entities on your market as much as possible. You never know when you might spot an opportunity to prevent a major disaster in your own organization, and often this is about being vigilant and paying attention to how the market is moving.

Evaluating the Impact

If you’re still not convinced that you should make a certain attempt at innovation, you should do a study that evaluates the potential impact of your actions, and use that as a reference to figure out if it’s a worthwhile idea. You should take into account all current factors related to your operations though, not just the ones which have an obvious connection to whatever you’re going to attempt.

Because in some cases, there will be effects that will not be predictable, simply because they are related to patterns in the background that can be too difficult to decipher. Even with some complex analytical systems, you might still miss those connections from time to time. So to be safe, just factor everything you can into your calculations and ensure that you’re looking at the big picture as best as possible.

In the long run, you will never regret taking the time to optimize your operations and look into ways to innovate. But if you want to get the most out of this, you should be patient and consider all possible effects as carefully as possible.

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