How to Promote Innovation in Your Organization

How to Promote Innovation in Your Organization

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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How to Promote Innovation in Your Organization

If you’re concerned with the state of innovation in your current organization, that’s not a bad thing. It’s definitely good to take a critical look around from time to time and examine ways to potentially improve things. At the same time, it’s not an easy process – it’s far from just clicking your fingers and calling it a day. Promoting innovation in an organization of any scale is an ongoing effort that requires patience, and a determined approach.

Leading by Example

And it starts with you. Don’t expect your employees to just blindly follow your advice to integrate some new piece of technology in their workflow, or anything along those lines if you’re not doing those things yourself.

You have to set a good example and make sure that you’re always personally using any kind of technology that you may be trying to promote internally in the organization. This might sometimes require you to change a lot about your working style, but at least you know what the long-term benefits are going to be.

Clarifying the Benefits

On a related note, you should also make it clear to everyone in the organization exactly why these things will benefit them, and how they could potentially see their work improved as a result of adopting them. Don’t expect that this will be obvious from the get-go – it’s often anything but. You should put the effort into explaining these things to everyone in the organization from top to bottom.

Ideally, you should hold meetings where you’ll get a chance to clarify the situation, while your employees and everyone else involved in the organization will be able to voice their concerns and inquire about the way their jobs are going to change in the future.

A Sense of Stability

Which leads us to another point that’s very important to address. A common concern whenever innovation is brought up is that it might affect the stability of one’s position in the long run. After all, can you expect that things will work in the same way – a way that’s convenient for you – some years from now?

In most cases, there will indeed be some major changes, and there’s no way around that if you want to see proper progress in the organization. But if you put your mind to it, you can easily instill a sense of stability in the organization as a whole, and make it clear to people that their jobs are not going to be affected in any negative way.

Innovation Through Skilled New Hires

Don’t ignore the opportunities that lie in hiring competent new workers that can bring some creative perspectives to your work as well. There is often plenty to gain from this, and it can be more cost-efficient than investing resources in the organization from the upper level. However, when you’re taking this approach, make sure that the people you’re hiring can be integrated into the company’s culture as quickly as possible.

Because that’s the main risk associated with hiring people for their creativity alone – you might realize that they clash significantly with the general culture of the organization itself. Sometimes creativity can go a bit too far in this regard, and you have to recognize those situations and stop them dead in their tracks.

Long-term Prospects

If you do everything right, you should see your company slowly but steadily adopting innovative approaches and integrating them into its workflow on many levels. This can eventually lead to various positive developments across the entire organization, but you need to carefully control this growth to prevent it from harming the company in some unexpected ways.

Make sure that you always maintain an open line of communication with everyone involved in the process of implementing these new solutions, and ensure that anyone who has concerns can voice them easily.

This is the number one thing that prevents innovation in many organizations or leads to negative effects as a result of attempting innovative approaches. You need to understand how this will impact the company in the long run, and prepare for those effects across all levels of the organization. If you take care to do that, you can expect to see some great results in the coming months and years.

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