Gradually Improving Your Processes to Decrease Harm

Gradually Improving Your Processes to Decrease Harm

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Gradually Improving Your Processes to Decrease Harm

Understanding the gradual nature of improving your manufacturing processes is important if you’re planning to do anything in that direction. It’s not the kind of change that you can expect to happen over a short period of time, and you’ll have to work hard to achieve it. There’s also the chance that you’ll fail at some steps along the way, and you have to account for that as well.

And when your goal is to be more environmentally friendly, any changes you’re introducing to your production model should be aligned with not only current market trends, but also information that you’ve been collecting about your business over time.

Starting Small

Small changes are the easiest to implement, and they can quickly stack up to have a huge impact on your business as a whole. There are many areas to investigate in this regard. From any direct pollution that you might be producing, to resource waste, to ensure that everyone in the company is on board with whatever changes you’re making.

But if you’re persistent enough, soon many of those small points are going to start evolving into more major ones. You’re going to discover which areas of your business are truly important to address when you want to make it greener, and you’ll have a lot of data to back up your decision.

Planning for the Future

You should also know what kinds of moves you’re going to make at each next step, at least in the near future. Improving your business to be more green is a process where every step depends on the ones before it, and you have to carefully consider the implications of each action you’re taking. Otherwise, you might find yourself stuck with no viable way of progressing.

At least, not without undoing a lot of your previous work. That’s the exact situation that many companies find themselves in, and it can quickly ruin your business before you even realize what’s wrong.

The Importance of Modular Design

Which brings us to another important point. You have to do your best to break down your company into small, fundamental components that can be easily replaced when needed. This will minimize the damage when you reach a point where you realize that you have to undo something you’ve done previously. If your company is designed the right way, this doesn’t have to be such a harmful act, although it will still hurt a little.

Ensuring Everyone Is on Board

Just because you’re fully committed to the idea of making your company greener doesn’t necessarily mean that all your employees agree with that. Sometimes, you might have internal conflicts that prevent you from realizing the full potential of your plans, and you might not even know that anything is wrong on that front until it’s too late!

This is a common problem in larger organizations where it can be more difficult to provide adequate oversight of all parts of the business. Be careful, stay watchful, and ensure that everyone is on board with any changes you’re introducing to your business model.

Correcting Past Mistakes

You might eventually come to the realization that the company has made a major mistake at some point in the past. It’s never a good idea to double down on those issues and hope for the best – and yet that’s exactly what we see from many business owners, even supposedly experienced ones. Whenever a mistake comes up, you have to work hard to correct it as quickly as possible.

Letting these problems pile up can only make them worse in the future, and this can happen more quickly than you would believe. Especially if you’re acting in a more aggressive manner with regards to converting your business to a greener one.


Converting your business to a greener one takes time and patience, and it’s an error-prone process. But as long as you’re determined and have the right sources of information, all it takes is persistence. Having a modular approach to your business can be very helpful when it comes to eliminating past mistakes, as it can allow you to correct them without affecting any other aspect of your business. And that alone can be an extremely powerful tool when it comes to optimization.


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