Unlocking And Understanding The Value Of The Print In A Digitally-Driven World

Unlocking And Understanding The Value Of The Print In A Digitally-Driven World

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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http://flevy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/photo-1504463731009-4dcfc117a17f.jpg 375w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px">Companies today are transforming digitally, led by increasing calls by consumers for the benefits that digital services can offer, including personalization. As the power of innovation and technological progress transforms every aspect of the business flow chart, from the manufacturing process to our customer service and engagement, business managers and employees are rapidly discovering the pros of making digital a foundation in their business model.

However, as businesses focus on achieving success in a digitally-driven culture, consumers still want a personal touch when it comes to correspondence and marketing. In fact, a thoroughly digital approach acts as a counteractive strategy in many cases, as businesses try to connect and establish a relationship with its target audience. Print media is still favored today and the written word continues to wield its power.

Customer Connection Still Reigns Supreme In The Business Chain

The idea that the written word is losing its power is highly debatable. Even in a highly digital age, print media still evokes more trust from consumers. The credibility that it adds has been proven to be essential to the building process of any brand, and the higher customer engagement that print media produces translates to happier, loyal customer and repeat business.

The continuing call for tangible, written advertising and product design is further supported by recent studies, such as Marketing Signals study in 2019 which highlighted that 78 percent of consumers still prefer to head in-store to view and feel a product before actually purchasing. The power of including written customer service letters and thank you notes should not be underestimated as it continues to play a large part in the customer experience, helping them feel valued and fill a niche of personalized service that is so wanted by consumers today. For the business, it can prove to be a  brand building and cost-efficient tool, with businesses being able to access discounts, unique or customized promotional stamp designs and even some of them for free, according to OnlineStamp.net.

The Fear Of Lost Data Can Be Mitigated

One of the most common concerns cited with technological progress especially by businesses is the fear of over-reliance on this technology. Before digital, there were written notes, invoices, correspondence, and memos. While it has its drawbacks, it also creates a permanent record that does not have to contend with the loss of data online through hacking or malfunctions. For consumers, this is a concern that weighs heavily on their minds, particularly when it comes to payment platforms. Consumers are also growing weary of heavily exploited digital marketing tactics including social media marketing, indicating the need for management to strategize with fresh, noticeable ideas.

Targeting Made Easier, Thanks To A Narrower Pool

One of the key tasks for any business planning their marketing campaign or even upon their incorporation is to identify a target market. Their target market defines the marketing channels used and even the tone taken in adverts or customer communications. With print media, communications and adverts have the advantage of being much more personalized and narrowed to a target market. Digital communication utilizes platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which are now a much wider pool. For a better chance of success, having access to niche channels and focusing on customer & market insights are important. Personally addressed communications and adverts placed in specialty mediums such as magazines presents a better chance of getting your message across and getting the attention of customers, both present and potential.

Perhaps the key for businesses lies in finding a harmonious alignment of the two within the business’ operations. Each of them comes with their own host of advantages as do they also come with their drawbacks. Being able to leverage the pros to address the pitfalls will unlock the perfect balance and prepare the business for the future, while still learning from the past.

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By: Shane Avron
Posted: June 22, 2019, 4:02 pm

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