Know How Top Brands Use AI to Boost Their Business

Know How Top Brands Use AI to Boost Their Business

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

0/5 stars (0 votes) 500w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px">Ever wondered how some brands have remained on top of the ranking chain for so long? Could the secret lie in the technology they use? Given that top brands have the financial muscle to acquire the kind of technology the need, it is not a surprise that AI is working to their advantage. You may wonder about your favorite brands and how Artificial Intelligence is working for them, but once you go through this list, you will properly understand how the top brands in the world use AI to boost their businesses:


Google has to top the list as the number one brand that has greatly capitalized on artificial intelligence. From the onset, it is AI that is to thank for, for RankBrain, which helps analyze websites online for indexing. AI goes a long way in sending Google bots in different sites to crawl content and filter content from videos, images, and text, to index for particular search terms. Google has gone ahead as to come up with Google maps to help with directions for its users, mapping out from the initial place, with an estimated timeline of how long it might take to get to the destination.

Besides, Google recognizes over 100 languages, thanks to cloud speech that can convert audio to text through Artificial Intelligence. It is also Artificial Intelligence that has made YouTube such a successful and most popular video-based content platform. The social platform relies on AI for video recommendations, to get users to consume as much content as possible. The suggestions are mostly for content that the users would mostly be interested in, even though they have never watched the videos before.


Netflix is one of the leading brands in the entertainment industry, providing an opportunity for people from all over the world to consume movies from the comfort of their homes. AI technology is very evident in this brand, particularly in the compression of videos to fit into small screens without tampering with the quality of the graphics. It is AI that allows the reviewing of each frame of a video so that they can be compressed to the necessary sizes without tapering with the graphics.

Further, Netflix uses AI to personalize content for its users. Users get random recommendations of which movies to watch. It is not usually as random as people think, because the brand uses this technology, based on some analytics, so that they are presented with recommendations of what they would like, and not so much what they are watching. By this, you realize that a lot of the content that people watch on Netflix is discovered through recommendation.


Yes, technology has had some impact on coffee too. Ideally, Starbucks is one of the most renowned beverage brands in the world. They have gone on to integrate technology in making sales in that users can place an order with Alexa, which is more convenient and faster for the customers. Other than that, from Starbuck’s app, the Starbuck Barista allows its users to confirm orders and even change particulars about their orders, including pick up locations.


Maybe you rely on cloud services like to secure your data, so you have a reservoir to go back to. Have you ever thought about how Facebook manages all the data transacted by the millions of users every day? Every once in a while, Facebook will pull out memory from its backups for the users. It is a sign that automation of AI application like cloud services allows Facebook to store a lot of information without losing track of which data belongs to which user.

Other than that, AI allows Facebook to recognize faces through photo tag. From the numerous photos you have uploaded in the past, AI scans them and can bring up a suggestion of the same face because the technology recognizes it. Face authentication and verification in Facebook are around 95% more accurate than with other brands, thanks to AI.

Technology can change the way you look at things, but more so, the way to meet the needs of your customers. If you have a chance to explore AI applications, go all out and experience the good of technology in boosting your company’s performance.

By: Shane Avron
Posted: May 24, 2019, 12:31 pm

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