5 Reasons Why Companies Do Not Implement Lean Six Sigma

5 Reasons Why Companies Do Not Implement Lean Six Sigma

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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5 Reasons Why Companies Do Not Implement Lean Six Sigma

Most businesses and manufacturers have heard of the Lean and Six Sigma strategies. In fact, businesses around the world have been using these extremely powerful tools for years now. They have helped in process improvement and increased business productivity. Overall, they resulted in a richer customer experience.

However, it is unfortunate that many businesses are yet to discover the true value of Lean Six Sigma. There are, in fact, several reasons companies do not use Lean Six Sigma. While some reasons are genuinely valid, others are mere misconceptions that need to be done away with.

1. Lack of Information and Awareness

More often than not, businesses shy away from using the Lean Six Sigma approach because they do not really know what it is all about. While it might seem surprising that there are still organizations that have not heard of the Six Sigma approach, it is quite believable indeed considering that the approach has been widely used in the manufacturing circles with less exposure outside.

Learning, they say, is a journey, not a destination. It is never too late to begin with a new process that holds limitless possibilities and is proven to be useful for long-term success. You should not worry about not using the approach because you do not have the expertise and tools in place. It is best to start by doing and learning along the way.

2. LSS is Not Just for Large Companies

This is a very widely held misconception. Many businesses believe that the approach is only suited to enterprises and large companies. This is completely untrue. Even the smallest companies with fewer than 10 employees use the methodology to improve their processes and streamline their services.

At other times, companies might just choose Lean and leave Six Sigma behind. However, the two approaches work hand in hand and used together, remove the shortcomings of each. The Lean principles speed up business output while the Six Sigma approach helps improve quality.

3. Implementing These Need Not be Expensive

Some businesses stay away from the Lean Six Sigma approach thinking that it involves exorbitant costs. Actually, the process can be started by a few chosen key personnel with a Yellow belt training. It is easy to get started with using the Six Sigma approach with even a basic understanding of the process. As said earlier, it is important to begin and learn along the way.

4. LSS is Not Just For Manufacturers

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. While the approach was first used by manufacturers to reduce wastage, it is now a universal process that is used everywhere. It is considered useful in service and transaction environments which involve recurring processes.

5. Fear of change

This is one of the most common reasons many enterprises do not adopt the LSS technique. The fear of the unknown stops businesses from reaching greatness. This is similar to the case with lack of information and awareness. It is best if businesses educate themselves and make themselves aware of the developments in this field to better understand the process and approach.

Often, businesses are just too stubborn to move away from existing methodologies and think about newer ones that promise rewarding results.

At other times, businesses might think that the LSS approach involves complex mathematics and statistical analysis. However, LSS is not just about mathematics and statistics. This is a rich process that offers businesses invaluable insights, helping them improve processes while continuously striving for customer satisfaction.


The Lean Six Sigma approach is an extremely powerful tool that has already proven its mettle in a number of industries and sectors. However, there are still several misconceptions that prevent businesses from benefitting from the power of this wonderful methodology.

It is important for businesses to consider the tools with an open mind and embrace the techniques in areas where they can particularly help improve customer experience.

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