How to Speed Up Lean Six Sigma Implementation

How to Speed Up Lean Six Sigma Implementation

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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How to Speed Up Lean Six Sigma Implementation

The Lean Six Sigma toolkit is a very versatile and potent technique for process improvement. The tools help users understand the process and increase their productivity. Used the right way, the methodology would help reduce costs and increase the quality standards of the products and services offered.

The Cost of Poor Quality

This is a great tool to figure out the improvement areas. The number adds up all of the inefficiencies that are related to any process. It includes unnecessary waste; making up for the defective products produced by running the plants for longer times, additional costs incurred in waste disposal, reshipping products to the clients, warranty issuance, redundant audits and checks, etc.

Consider the cost of poor quality and figure out the expenses that will be incurred in continuing the current way. The Lean Six Sigma methodology can help with minimizing defects. It can drastically improve the effectiveness of business processes. The main purpose of the technique is to enhance the customer experience by eliminating all variations in processes.

Consistency is critically important for any business as it allows customer trust to build up. The tools help cut costs by cutting down on the different waste types.

Realization of the challenges and problems is the first step towards solving them.

Speeding Up Lean Six Sigma and Process Improvement

Process improvement is a critical component in organizations of all sizes. A number of factors prevent people from using the Lean Six Sigma methodology in their day-to-day activities. It is human nature to resist change. Teams might not be very comfortable with adapting to change. Budget constraints too play a role.

At times, organizations do not have the desired skill set or possess no one to take the lead. Often, teams believe they do not have the time. It is important to adopt a proactive methodology in order to increase quality.

  • Lean Six Sigma is a defect-based methodology but it is important to approach it from an appreciative perspective. There are a lot of defects in business processes but teams must also appreciate things that have been working well and leave them unchanged.
  • Focus on quick wins. These are opportunities that can result in fast success in the Lean Six Sigma framework. Quick wins also help accelerate further wins.
  • It is important to take advantage of opportunities as and when they present themselves. Identify the opportunities and evaluate them.
  • Identify the bottlenecks and suggest potential improvements. It is recommended to use business process management software.
  • Businesses should compare the processes when it comes to efficiency. Softwares could be used to automate process enforcement. It can keep a track on the deadlines and assign the relevant tasks to appropriate employees.
  • Users should consider their first quick win projects as the workable models. Once a few initial quick wins are complete, you should begin publicizing your team’s progress.
  • Quick wins can help initialize processes quickly and help determine the speed with which the project will progress. They also provide a strong foundation on which to work. It is imperative to consider wisely your selection criteria for choosing quick wins.
  • Trace and identify the most productive employees in your business. Driving quick wins is easier if you already have the most productive employees ready.
  • Seamless communication is the key to a speedy implementation of Lean Six Sigma. Inspire your staff and publicize your successes with quick wins. Speeches and literature are a great way to spread the word and motivate your workforce.


Lean Six Sigma combines the strengths of the Lean approach focusing on waste reduction with the defect elimination and problem-solving strategies of the Six Sigma methodology. In order to ensure a speedy implementation of flawless processes using this technique, businesses must focus on quick wins and identify the right opportunities. In the end, it’s a collaborative team effort and relies on the support of your teammates for long-term success.

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