LEAN & the 4th Industrial Revolution: Part 3 Policy Deployment

LEAN & the 4th Industrial Revolution: Part 3 Policy Deployment

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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This is the 3rd installment of a 3 part series thinking about a lean approach to the application of the building inevitable tidal wave of technology. Robots, co-bots, artificial intelligence and the internet of things to name a few. Part 1 was focused on the lean concept of jidoka (the relationship between humans and machine and respect for people), while Part 2 zeroed in on nemawashi (proceed slowly, consider many options, gain agreement, then implement rapidly, as well as the concept of fail fast & fail cheap).

Today's post, Part 3, suggests thinking about application of 4IR as policy deployment. In simple terms, PD is when I can randomly ask any person in your organization "what is important around here" and everyone gives you the exact same answer. (try this sometime!). PD is about getting every single brain in the business learning and using that learning to direct the business to a vision or target condition. For you Game of Thrones fans, it is about the vision turning into wildfire.

If you have read my column over the years, policy deployment has 4 non-negotiable critical elements that need to be done and on-going. Like hopping on 1 foot while juggling, chewing gum and singing at the same time. I'll review the 4 elements and apply it to the 4IR at the same time!!

  1. Make sure everyone understands the "why"-people will do what they deem to be important. The key word there is "what they deem". The why for the 4IR is the benefit of exponential leaps in productivity (sales per employee) as well as people doing more people work and machines doing more machine work. The 4IR means a better quality of life. Think about the ramifications of not getting on board! Imagine trying to compete today without computer technology and without cellphones?
  2. Learning-in order to move in a new direction, we need to open our minds to information and ideas and concepts we don't currently have. We need to invest in the masses here. We're talking about our collective intelligence, NOT a handful of subject matter experts. Share articles, books and videos with everyone. Arrange lunch and learns and book clubs. The more brains (hopefully 100%) the better! Remember that learning is harder than digging a trench and takes conditioning!
  3. Develop visible metrics and make sure everyone can tie their performance to moving those metrics. With regard to 4IR, the metric is productivity. Productivity is a reflection of how efficiently we're deploying our most precious resource...each other! Make productivity as visible as possible. Sales per labor hour, dooflickers per hour, pieces per minute, pounds per hour, gallons per hour, whatever. The thinking is that the better we deploy technology, the more the gains in productivity!
  4. And finally, the 4th critical element to PD is the ability to a actually DO, not talk about kaizen. A culture of continuous improvement that you've been developing pays dividends here. We need to have the ability to move the metrics, and we need every single person to contribute. 

Do those 4 things, and you've made wildfire!

Please feel free to send me an email at p4lean@icloud if you have questions or just want to brainstorm together!

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By: Bill Greider
Posted: January 20, 2019, 10:06 pm

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