Understanding Product Design at HP

Understanding Product Design at HP

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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HP focuses on an innovative approach to product design based on the Six Sigma approach. The company calls this “The HP Method.” The company believes that there are several advantages to be gained by having a “process focus.” In addition, there is also a focus on design.

When Motorola introduced the Six Sigma approach, HP was one of the first companies to adopt the strategy along with Honeywell, GE, and Boeing, amongst others.

Preparing for the Future

According to Carly Fiorina, all business processes in the future will be digital, mobile, and virtual. It is with this guiding principle that the company has been approaching development.

HP’s “Process Focus,” it might be mentioned, is one of the hallmarks of the Six Sigma approach. The latter uses a data-driven and fact-based management strategy for maximal efficiency.

HP envisions a future where business processes will increasingly embrace new technologies. It is important, therefore, to modify management strategies continuously. This is because they must depend on the “process” which undergoes a continuous change in the modern world as new technologies emerge and evolve.

HP Business Processes

The company has measured and defined processes and best practices across the enterprise. HP uses open standard operations reference models to partner effectively and easily. 

The company believes in making decisions rapidly and responding quickly to the changing needs of the market. It is essential to do away with ill-defined processes as well as flows inconsistent across company segments.

It is also important to effectively measure the results of changes for a successful business growth. All of these strategies are in alignment with the core ideals and goals of the Six Sigma strategy, which emphasizes metrics and the need for measuring outcomes.

Business Process Redesign

Business process redesign entails working out strategies to improve the existing business processes. A reduction in costs and an increase in productivity are the end goals. HP recommends beginning by thinking about the aims and outcomes you wish to achieve. It is also important to be realistic about the possible shortcomings.

  • Setting Clear Goals: It is important to set specific objectives. Goals can be actioned only after they have been established along with the outcomes. Ensure all projects are working towards achieving the same outcome.
  • Identify all Business Processes and Prioritize: It is essential to maintain a clear and up-to-date list of all business processes. Businesses need to have a thorough understanding of everything they are working with in order to make improvements and changes.
  • Integrate all Activities: Develop one workflow and integrate all new activities into it. Consider consolidating and streamlining all business activities. Count your freelancers too as in-house assets.
  • Routinely Capture Data: It is of critical importance to capture data on a routine basis. Several options for data capture are available to businesses today.
  • Capture Information At The Source: When a process is ongoing, consider changing it to incorporate data capture instead of creating a new process for the purpose. This will help save time and energy. It is also important to give more autonomy to clients in their current roles. This results in high morale and productivity boosts.
  • Empowering Employees to Control Processes: Empower people to make decisions regarding the processes they perform. Remove unnecessary steps in process chains and prefer single approval systems wherever possible.

A successful business process redesign project is concise, clear, and controlled. Such projects leverage the expertise of people from all areas of the business to develop such processes that are realistic.


HP uses “The HP Method” which is an innovative approach to product design. The company maintains a strong focus on business processes. It attaches significance to the measurability of the results of the changes for long-term success.


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