[VIDEO] Boeing Builds Them in Nine Days

[VIDEO] Boeing Builds Them in Nine Days

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Boeing builds the venerable 737 workhorse at a rate of one every nine days! That is a monumental feat of Lean manufacturing. The Boeing 737 is the workhorse of many airlines across the globe, flying short and medium range flights. It was originally designed in 1964 and took its first flight in 1967. In 1968, Lufthansa airlines put the Boeing 737 into service across their service areas. Since its inception, the aircraft has been through numerous upgrades and modernization changes that continue to make it an in-demand aircraft among airlines. As of 2006, there were an average of 1,250 Boeing 737s airborne at any given time, with two either departing or landing somewhere every five seconds. 

Watch this video and see how they do it!

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