5 Ways to Optimize Operational Management

5 Ways to Optimize Operational Management

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Seeking ways to optimize operational management via process performances can be very fruitful for you and your company. Delivering operational excellence should always be a  target for any company, and yet there will often be a surprising number of problem areas that are not tackled leading to poor performance. However, there are things that can be optimized. We have comprised a list of five for you to read about and implement into your own success.

1. Improved Communication

Poor communication leads to poor execution, with issues and problems failing to be addressed in the correct manner. All of this will then have a profound impact on the overall performance of a company or business.

Improved communication at every step of the process and at every level within the company will help to eliminate many issues that can be avoided all together. An example would be cutting back on the number of emails sent between departments and individuals by using tools that bring all emails connected to a process into one manageable area.

2. Process Modeling

Process modeling is an effective way to determine if there will be any pinch points or potential issues in a process before it is in full swing. This approach will allow you to identify those points and rectify them as early as possible and before they can have catastrophic consequences.

By using this approach, it stands to reason that the entire process can be streamlined and improved, so it runs as smoothly as possible from the very outset.

3. Accurately Map the Process

By accurately mapping the process from start to finish, it makes it easier to follow each step. Also, the mapping should include the goals of the process as well as the people and equipment involved in every single part of the production. By doing this, it allows for a better understanding of the roles that each individual will have, allowing you to ascertain if they do have the correct level of expertise and knowledge to cope with that role.

The concept of mapping is something akin to a business plan. Understanding that the end result and the length of time it takes to get there will always lead to those required improvements in efficiency that are essential for you to optimize your performance.

4. Identify the Individual Process

If we can break things down into smaller sections, then we can state that there is a very real need to identify the individual process and to determine which parts should be prioritized. The aim here is to be able to understand the order in which the processes should occur in order to get to the required end goal. However, there should always be an understanding of the end goal to start off with, which is why you need to both map and model the process in advance.

By breaking things down into their individual segments, it will ultimately lead to a smoother performance in general.

5. Understand the Possibilities of Automation

Finally, seek ways to automate different parts of the process in order to improve efficiency but also to allow more energy and effort to be spent in other areas. If areas can be automated, then there is every possibility that more time and effort can then be spent elsewhere. This will also free up individuals that perhaps have a specialty to work in those areas leading to improved performance across the board.

The best way to approach this is by using a series of tools to analyze each individual aspect and to ascertain if software or applications can take on the job, rather than an individual having to use up their time when it would be better spent elsewhere.


Even though we have only listed five different ways to optimize performance, there can be little doubt on the impact that it could have on improving processes. Seeking to streamline things so that they work more efficiently just makes perfect sense due to the various benefits that come with it, so do not overlook this as an option. As the old adage goes, fail to prepare and prepare to fail.

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