5S is NOT I Repeat NOT Housekeeping!

5S is NOT I Repeat NOT Housekeeping!

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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5S is NOT I Repeat NOT Housekeeping!
Famous Housekeeper Hazel

For many years, I thought of 5S pretty much like everyone else does. I thought 5S was about housekeeping, sprucing up the place, making our workplaces pleasing to the eye for visitors. The way I always explain 5S to rookies is to think about how you clean out and organize your garage:

Sort means I take everything out and put it in the driveway. Then I need to decide what belongs in the garage and what doesn't. For the stuff that doesn't, I do "red tag"....put it to the curb for trash pickup, have a tag sale, whatever. It just doesn't go back into the garage.


Set means that everything that goes back into the garage will have it's own easily identified, labeled spot, not a random spot, or where it fits.


Shine means that in the process of doing set, I might power wash my epoxy floor, paint the walls, clean up oil spots, vacuum spider webs, etc.


Standardize means that I will develop a checklist for this new and improved space that will make it easy to check (on a schedule) that everything is in it's place.


Sustain means I will have the discipline to do those checks routinely, like church. Once per week, twice per month, whatever. Doesn't this seem really simple? Then why is 5S one of the most difficult lean tools to use?


Because 5S REQUIRES respect for people and working really hard to gain agreement with everyone who works in that area. Once I did a "sort" and "red tagged" a rocking chair without gaining agreement with my wife and then had to do some dumpster diving ("un-red tagging"). The process of A3 is the perfect way to gain this agreement and leverage diversity to "5S" successfully. If you don't gain agreement, or you dictate it, be prepared to re-do 5S over and over. And over. 

Think about the financial impact of not doing 5S (standard work). If, throughout your business, 100 people each spend just 5 minutes per day searching for tools, raw materials, reports, e-mails, other paperwork or other supplies they need to do their job, then you will have invested 120,000 minutes (2000 hours, or fifty 40 hour work weeks) in one year (240 work days). Put another way, you just paid 100 people $70,000 to not do the job they are being paid to do, but to engage in some of the 8 wastes (motion, waiting, etc.)


5S is not about sprucing up or housekeeping. Leave that to Hazel. 5S is about standard work and saving time and money!

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By: Bill Greider
Posted: June 4, 2018, 2:16 am

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