How to Improve Your Professional Productivity

How to Improve Your Professional Productivity

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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How to Improve Your Professional Productivity

No matter how dedicated and hard-working you are in your career, sometimes it can seem as if your efforts are leading down fruitless paths. Like most other aspects of life, productivity is hugely important for creating a more solid base from which a business can operate.

Without people who possess strong ambition and efficiency, it is difficult for a business to remain productive. While these may not be as simple for increasing productivity in large working environments all at once, here are some useful tips to help improve your own professional productivity.

One: Be Available

The operation of a successful business often relies upon strong and effective communication between its moving parts. Ideas are at their most useful when they are easily transmitted between employees who are paying attention and are ready to relay information to its relevant destinations. This is impossible to do when one link in the chain is unavailable. Make yourself easy to contact as this will reduce the number of delays in communication and help to keep your business running smoothly.

This does not necessarily mean that you must apply your entire life to your job, sacrificing leisure time and family. However, striking a good balance is important to maintain the frictionless operation of your business, keeping up its productivity.

Two: Be Flexible

Occasionally, people in business are challenged by external obstacles that seem to have no visible solution. Other times, these obstacles are merely a result of their personal inflexibility. By training yourself to adapt better to unexpected circumstances, you open yourself up to more opportunities and fewer hindrances.

For example, running a business with no easy way of getting around can limit you to a small location where clients may be difficult to contact. As simple as it may sound, transport and connectivity are vital in the productivity of a good business. Even on a tight budget, a used car loan can make a difference between a functional business and a truly productive one. You will be better able to meet your colleagues and clients as well as reduce the stress of a public transport commute.

Three: Be Calm and Aware

Another obstacle that professionals can face is the emotions of either themselves or their co-workers. Whether positive or negative, these emotions are often justified and understandable. However, they can become a nuisance to the efficiency of your business should they be taken to the far extremes.

For example, a disappointing result might cause you or your colleague to react with anger. It is important to separate these extreme emotions from your business dealings as they can bring about negative consequences later. Instead of reacting immediately, allow yourself to pause and approach the issue logically. This will give you more time to arrive at a solution instead of acting on instinct. By behaving in this way, you will lead by example and encourage others to do the same, thereby increasing the productivity of your business altogether.

By: Shane Avron
Posted: January 10, 2018, 5:50 pm

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