Critical Continuous Improvement Goals for 2018

Critical Continuous Improvement Goals for 2018

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Every year, KaiNexus team comes together from around the country to meet in Austin, Texas and discuss the year we've concluded and plan the one we've entered into. This meeting is part celebration, part post-mortem, part strategic planning, and it serves to breathe inspiration and purposefulness into our team for the year.

As I sit down to write out both my personal and professional goals for 2018, I'm struck by the importance of the work we do at KaiNexus. You see, our ultimate goal - our BHAG, if you will - is to have a specific number of improvements completed in KaiNexus by our customers. Seems kind of funny at first glance - that the goal our Marketing, Sales, Development, etc. teams are working toward is actually based on the activities of our customers, not OUR company.

But looking deeper, you find that the work each department in KaiNexus does impacts our customers' ability to complete more improvements. Marketing attracts more people who need continuous improvement software, Sales brings them into the KaiNexus tribe, Customer Experience sets them up for success, and Development builds a product that is both effective and efficient so that more people can and want to use KaiNexus.

In this way, the number of improvements our customers make is actually a reflection on the success of our company as a whole.

What about your company? What defining metric - what True North objective - is at the top of the pyramid when you write out your company's goals? What is the one, most significant indicator of success of your company? What goals does each department need to reach in order for the company to meet that goal? Each team? Each individual?

Posted: January 4, 2018, 8:42 pm

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