Thoughts for Success in 2018

Thoughts for Success in 2018

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Savvy business leaders understand that during the month of December, there just isn’t the same focus on success. There are too many distractions. Now that the holidays are over, the clock is ticking on 2018 and it is time to get refocused and back to work! For some, that is going to be much easier said than done. Let’s take the thoughts and ideas on successful leadership and bring  them down to the basics. Here are a few tips for getting 2018 off to a strong start.

  • Get Up and Get Going – Get an early start on your day! The most successful are up before 5 am and focusing on success. It is their time to sharpen their minds and be super productive on what matters, without the distractions of the office environment. Journal, read and send out those crucial first emails of the day.
  • Journal Your Thoughts – Write in a journal twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. The act of journaling clears the mind and sets in stone your thoughts, goals and inspirations. The action of writing your goals sets a solid foundation.
  • Read A Book – The most successful business leaders are voracious readers. Dig into books that inspire and motivate. You can get into the minds of successful people and understand their thoughts and practices.
  • Self-Development – Training and self-development are crucial to your success in 2018. Get out of the office and take a class, attend a seminar or enroll in live webinars. Successful leaders invest, on the average, of $10k a year on self-development and training. Stay sharp for success!
  • Get Control of Your Email – Time is the most valuable commodity you have. Own and control it! Stop being reactive and get proactive. Schedule time during the day to deal with email and close it out otherwise. The first emails of the day should be from you, not to you. Get your expectations out first. Control your time.

Success is about habits. Developing strong habits are key to becoming an effective leader. Learn to practice these habits until they become an engrained response that is never compromised. Look forward to a productive and successful 2018.

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