How to create leadership pull for Operational Excellence

How to create leadership pull for Operational Excellence

By Anton Sirik

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The key is to shift OPEX from push to pull and from doing to coaching and successful implementation of Hoshin Planning and Daily Management is the “game changer” for OPEX leaders and their organizations. Paul is going to explore the use of Hoshin Planning to provide the vital link between what the top management care about and how OPEX helps them achieve this.

This presentation covers the following:

• What is the number #1 obstacle to successfully deploying OPEX?
• How can you use Hoshin Planning to engage senior executives in driving OPEX?
• How do you overcome the obstacles to adopting, scaling and sustaining this game changing approach?
• What resources are available to help you on your journey?

This presentation was delivered by Paul Docherty, Founder & Executive Director, i-nexus during the Innovation in Operational Excellence conference in Amsterdam, 7-8 December 2017.


By: Paul Docherty
Posted: December 15, 2017, 3:14 pm

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Anton Sirik

Proven success in Strategy Execution, Operational Excellence, Business Transformation, Digital Marketing @ i-nexus

i-nexus Strategy Execution Software helps Global 5000 organizations achieve more goals, faster with less effort

I am part of a leading Strategy Execution, Operational Excellence, and Business Transformation solutions provider, who have revolutionized how organizations get important things done

With i-nexus software you will get full visibility into the progress of your programs, comprehensive Hoshin functionality to support robust strategy execution and the ability to replicate the best project solutions. We support multiple performance management frameworks including:
Hoshin Planning/ Policy Deployment
Balanced Scorecard
Business Excellence Model

i-nexus helps:
Leaders of Operational Excellence programs ensure their improvement investment is aligned with the business goals and is delivering financial and non-financial benefits;
Executives and Business leaders utilize Hoshin Planning to cascade business goals to actionable priorities with X-matrices and drive on-going review with bowling charts;
Business Transformation Leaders and Heads of Enterprise Program Offices align their strategic initiatives with business objectives, drive execution of strategic programs and track the realization of benefits.