Team of Nationality Group Owners

Team of Nationality Group Owners

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By Venanzio Figliolino

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Team of Nationality Group Owners

Are you interested to manage a group in Lean Six Sigma Community ? Contact me !!

We are searching people, passionate in Lean & Six Sigma methodologies, content's writers, capable to manage a Social Group in their own languages.

What you need to do ? Write at least a post weekly, moderate the discussions and promote the groups in the your network.

You will be left alone ? Absolutely no !! You will be part of a group, times, milestone, communications will be shared in our project management platform.

In PM Platform the team can communicate, exchange information, follow particular business processes for post approval, post proposal, etc.

LSS Community is a young project, ambitious but young. I developed many features in the platform but the most important thing for a social are the contents, only with a quality contents we can convince people to take part to this "family". At moment we are searching people that improve our contents, interested to write them more for passion that for profession, interested to improve their presence on the web sharing their think and their experiences with the community.

An important thing is that he will be part of a team, my idea is to have a single Official group for each nationality managed from a single Admin (and more moderators if the size of the group will be large). The team of Group Owners will share ideas and is possibile that the same content can be shared in more group translated in more languages (with the references to the original author of course).

This is only the first step, then the better contents will be part of a learning path in Lean Six Sigma University, the trainings are free for now, in future when we are sure that the quality of the trainings will be at top level, we can fix prices so that we can receive benefits from our passion.

This is my idea but this is a opened construction, so let me know your think/idea without any restriction.

If you are interested to join in our group, contact me !!


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Venanzio Figliolino

Process Excellence Lead & Founder of Lean Six Sigma Community

Management engineer with 15+ years of experiences in multinational companies, employed in different roles but with common goals: Continuos Improvement, processes standardization & optimization.

I'm trainer and consultant about Lean & Six Sigma methodologies, I love to help organizations to improve their performances in terms of times/costs/defects/spaces reductions.

I founded Lean Six Sigma University & Community, two synergic projects developed for creating a common place where learn and divulgate knowledges about Lean and Six Sigma methodologies applied to different ambits.

The application of Lean & Six Sigma methods are not simply methods learned and applied, it is a cultural change.