How Is the Use of Technology Creating More Sustainable Farming?

How Is the Use of Technology Creating More Sustainable Farming?

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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How Is the Use of Technology Creating More Sustainable Farming?

The use of technology in people lives and businesses has grown exceptionally over the past few years. There are now more ways to communicate, work and do business not just with computers, but also with machinery. The role of the farmer was once one of hard work in the fields and long hours. Although the work is just as hard, technology is changing the way some farmers are working their land and dealing with their animals. Here is how using technology can create more sustainable farming in the future.

The Use of Technology

Farming land and animals is an expensive business. There are lots of costly outgoings such as animal feed, fuel, and irrigation. However, technology is now starting to make more effective use of these resources to improve their efficiency and prevent waste. There are also other ways that procedures for dealing with suppliers have been improved. New ways of interacting with suppliers mean that farmers can order bale ties from companies such as Baling Wire Direct, without having to spend time on the phone or fax machine.

Self-Driving Tractors

Companies such as New Holland have developed new ranges of the tractor that no longer need a driver to work the land. These sophisticated machines can be programmed to follow a certain route on the field. It means that the farmer can sit in the cab and deal with other things while his field is being worked. Because it uses a specific route, it is far more accurate than a farmer. That means that it is far more fuel-efficient than if it were driven manually.

Fitness Trackers for Cows

In much the same way that people use fitness trackers to monitor their body during a workout, they have now developed the same technology for cows. The wearables that are available for cows are a little more sophisticated. They can track the cow’s temperature, activity, eating, sleeping, and gait. With this information, the farmers can effectively monitor their herd and pick up on any issues as they arise. It improves the health and comfort of the cows, and also cures any problems before they become too serious.

Water Use

One of the main problems with traditional watering of plants and crops was the high water volume needed to irrigate the soil. The use of the flood or sprinkler types of irrigator were often not precise and caused a lot of the water to evaporate before it could reach the soil. With new technology, sensors now monitor the moisture in the soil. It enables farmers to tailor their irrigation systems to the right soil conditions. The use of things such as drip tape also means that the water can be sprayed along the ground instead of evaporating in the air.

By embracing the new technology, farmers are not only making life a little easier for themselves, but they are also becoming far more sustainable. It will help farmers save money in the long term and make them more productive.

By: Shane Avron
Posted: September 20, 2017, 1:57 pm

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