How Can You Execute Like Danaher?

How Can You Execute Like Danaher?

By Anton Sirik

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How Can You Execute Like Danaher?

A few remarkable organizations have demonstrated an ability to execute on their strategic goals and outperform their rivals over multiple decades. One of these is Danaher Corporation. Although not as well known as other S&P companies, this $20Bn US industrial conglomerate is one of the world’s best long term performers. Danaher attributes it’s success to a set of management practices and disciplines that form a the Danaher Business System.

In this video presentation, Paul Docherty, Founder and Executive Director, i-nexus will guide you through the main features of the Danaher Business system. At the core of this system lies Hoshin Kanri (also known as Strategy/Goal/Policy Deployment). Discover how your organisation could experience the same advantages replicating the disciplines that have allowed Danaher to become one of the highly performing organizations in the world!

This video presentation comes with a slide deck which contains the strategy deployment implementation toolkit. This can be downloaded using the form below.
If you would like to learn more about successfully implementing Hoshin in your organization or maximising the success of your existing Hoshin Planning system, we have a short demo video to show you how the latest strategy execution software can fast track your success.




By: Paul Docherty
Posted: September 18, 2017, 10:15 am

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Anton Sirik

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With i-nexus software you will get full visibility into the progress of your programs, comprehensive Hoshin functionality to support robust strategy execution and the ability to replicate the best project solutions. We support multiple performance management frameworks including:
Hoshin Planning/ Policy Deployment
Balanced Scorecard
Business Excellence Model

i-nexus helps:
Leaders of Operational Excellence programs ensure their improvement investment is aligned with the business goals and is delivering financial and non-financial benefits;
Executives and Business leaders utilize Hoshin Planning to cascade business goals to actionable priorities with X-matrices and drive on-going review with bowling charts;
Business Transformation Leaders and Heads of Enterprise Program Offices align their strategic initiatives with business objectives, drive execution of strategic programs and track the realization of benefits.