Going to the Gemba at Four Seasons Produce

Going to the Gemba at Four Seasons Produce

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Going to the Gemba at Four Seasons Produce

The Toyota Way states that you can’t be involved in fixing the problem unless you have actually been there in person to see it.

Going to the Gemba, or visiting sites in person, is an important part of the improvement process that frequently gets overlooked. Working at a technology company that serves clients in a variety of industries all across the world means that I can’t go to the Gemba as easily as the CEO at a hospital or the supervisor at a building site, but I jumped at the chance to go on site to Four Seasons Produce during a trip to visit my mom and sister.

Four Seasons Produce is wholesale produce distributor and a long-time KaiNexus Customer. Their facility in Ephrata, PA receives, stores, ripens, and packs conventional and organic produce to deliver to stores through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Upon my arrival, Continuous Improvement Manager Erin Edwards and Continuous Improvement Specialist April Peracchio gave me a warm welcome and handed me a jacket. I have to say, the massive produce cooler is a far cry from the summer temps of 95 degrees back in Austin.

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Visiting an organization like Four Seasons Produce is fascinating. The delivery areas are even larger than pictures appear online! Erin and April explained how their operations worked, with produce coming in and out of the loading docks during the day and night. Erin and April then showed me the ripening rooms. I was shocked to learn that bananas have a chalky texture to them when they arrive and companies like Four Seasons Produce have special ripening rooms to help speed the process along.

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By: Matt Banna
Posted: September 12, 2017, 11:19 am

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