When the Digital and the Real Are Combined!

When the Digital and the Real Are Combined!

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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When the Digital and the Real Are Combined!

When talking about Digitalization, we cannot ignore the impact of the digital technologies into our everyday life. Our familiarity with technology–computers, the internet, mobiles, and social selling, are all aspects that can stimulate and improve our outcomes. That is why technology disruption has become a key factor to be considered in any Business strategy. But, we cannot deny the importance of the Human and his major role in turning the digital into a real life experience.

This paradigm shift made our journey more challenging from both personal and professional perspectives. But the turning point is how can we create from this shift an opportunity of unity, revival, and growth? How can we get benefit from the digital edification to innovate, create new relations, new means of interactions and allow each other to connect, share, and evolve. What are the last trends and tools used to communicate and connect effectively?

The researcher Shawn Achor in the book “100 golden rules of positive management” explains that only 25% of our professional success is related to our Intelligent Quotient; and 75% comes directly from our RELATIONS, optimism, and our ability to face and overcome the challenges. More, the World Bank report-2014 has demonstrated that there is a positive correlation between the economic development of the country and its digital integration. Based on this combination of facts and data, digital upgrade is no longer an option, but a Must that will enable us to create future talents, and deliver distinctive projects.

It is for this reason most companies, institutions, sponsors, and key actors in the digital ecosystem are strongly involved and engaged to showcase these benefits and share their best practices with an emphasis on rewarding and celebrating the Human contribution. Ftour 2.0 is an excellent example that encompasses all these engagements; it is an annual event that gathers the digital community that aims to cultivate an image reflecting web values. These values are mainly about innovation, contribution, and sharing skills. Importantly, Ftour 2.0, initiated seven years ago, will be able to mark a good transition at the national and international level to lead the digital revolution, share, and celebrate past realizations which can be also a great way to ignite people’s engagement.

Similarly, at the continent level, Africa has become a burning plate and a great opportunity for technology expansion and sharing; many events and initiatives are ongoing at different levels to sustain the digital growth. But the way we will embrace these technologies is what matters most; are we going to use them in an appropriate way to serve the Human, create great interactions, and shorten the distance between other cultures?

To answer this question, we cannot ignore the social selling approach and its impact on the sales process, the quality of our connections, and other related aspects.While many businesses still use traditional means of communication, others are adopting the social selling to fit in an environment that is evolving considerably. The BtoB business is mainly concerned about this approach for its ease of use and reliability, for the Human touch that is behind this concept.

The social selling is the ability to use social networks and convert prospects into clients, suppliers or simply long lasting relationships. The strength of the social selling is that it places the Human at the center to build strong connections based on mutual trust. Social selling is not a new approach because we are all experiencing somehow social selling through our connections; we all may have turned one day a connection into a prospect, or a client.

What about HighCloeCloud Glass concept? Is it real or a myth? is it part of the social selling concept or another catchy, buzz word we have to handle? HighCloeCloud Glass is simply the wheels that support your social selling through social networks. It can also control the pace of your achievements and make the bicycle function faster and better. This way, you don’t only build strong RELATIONS, but you become part of a POSITIVE community whose sole gain is to understand your need, share and turn the digital into tangible results.

The best technological realizations are the ones that stem from a real need and tap into the mood of the consumer and not the opposite. Our focus should not be on the technology itself but on Human needs and aspirations. When the digital and the real are combined, credibility is earned and loyalty is returned.

To learn more about this combination and connect on live, let’s meet at the 7th edition of Ftour.2.0 who becomes a symbol of unity despite our differences, and sharing the best practices to learn from each other for a better Morocco.

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By: Hanane Anoua
Posted: June 23, 2017, 12:33 pm

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