The Best Data Solutions for Your Business

The Best Data Solutions for Your Business

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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The Best Data Solutions for Your Business

Data loss can, and should, be prevented. If you are running a business, you have a responsibility to your customers and employees to care for their information, and you may face legal consequences if you fail to do so. You must therefore review and integrate the best data solutions for your company.

Data Backup Services

Every company should backup, because you will be able to retrieve information should you lose any data, which is easily done. One moment a file is sitting happily in a folder, and the next minute you have accidentally overwritten the data. You could also experience data corruption, suffer a system failure or could unwittingly change a file type.

Many experts recommend storing copies of data in various places. For example, you could store critical documents onsite for easy access, but you could also keep an offsite file, which should be safely locked away from prying hands. You also have the option to backup files using a cloud based solution, which will allow you to access your essential documents on any device at any time.

Data Recovery Services

Unfortunately, hard drives are not built to stand the test of time and can break down without a moment’s notice. When hardware breaks, you might think your data is lost forever, but it can be retrieved with the help of an experienced professional.

Recently, many people have attempted to retrieve their data by themselves, not realising that simply opening the hard disk assembly (HDA) could make data retrieval almost impossible, even for the most expert of hands. If you have lost essential files, it is vital you consult an experienced company, such as Secure Data Recovery, who will retrieve the information in a data recovery clean room.

Destroy Your Data

You might have deleted a file and thrown it into a recycling bin, but the data still lives on the hardware and always will until you destroy it. So, be careful what you throw away, because the mistake might come back to harm your company.

A High-Quality Antivirus

You wouldn’t allow a criminal to walk through your front door, so why allow them easy access to your most valuable files? You might not realise it, but your computer could be vulnerable to a cyberattack if you have failed to install a high-quality antivirus. While you are typing away on your computer, sending emails or creating social media campaigns, a cyber-attacker could be rifling through your files and corrupting your data. So, ensure every computer on your network is protected with an antivirus system.

Whether you have a failed hard drive, a vulnerable PC or are simply looking for ways to protect your files, you should ensure you install an effective backup solution across the company, whilst retrieving all data from a hardware device before you throw it away. This will ensure your business is continually protected, so you can sleep well at night knowing your business will not fall victim to a cyberattack.

By: Shane Avron
Posted: February 19, 2017, 1:21 pm

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