Lights! Camera! Action! Use of Video On Your Lean Journey

Lights! Camera! Action! Use of Video On Your Lean Journey

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Lights! Camera! Action! Use of Video On Your Lean Journey
Not many years ago, using video as a learning tool was not very easy. For the first 15 years of my football officiating, I never actually saw myself on film at all. As far as I knew, as long as the coaches weren't screaming, I was doing great. When I was promoted to division 1, my referee was tasked with bringing a vcr player (and renting a hotel tv) to our Friday night pre-game meeting every week so our crew could watch our previous week's game. The rewind and fast forward button was worn out to find a specific play. As cumbersome as it was, we got to see the good, the bad & the ugly......and learn something from it. 
Fast forward to today. If our game ends at 4pm, and the game is televised, the video is on-line and ready to be watched before we finish showering! We are graded on video for every call we make (or don't make). Instant video replay confirms or overturns calls in real time. 
The camcorder and video projector has turned into the Smart phone or iPad. Video can be shot, edited and a voiceover can be applied in minutes using free software. It  only makes sense to use this technology to learn and teach in our continuous improvement efforts. Here are 4 ways for you to consider.
1. At GEMBA-years ago, we would need to spend hours watching the same process to truly understand what was going on. While nothing will ever replace direct observation, the ability to share what you observed with others is so valuable.
2. Standard Work-since people learn best in different ways, why not use video as a teaching tool so visual learners can wrap their mind around a task before being trained at GEMBA? Standard work is really about gaimg agreement on the current best way to do the work. Video makes it easy to see how different operators perform the same task. 
3. Bringing off shifts into the fold-one of my clients, Bakery On Main (East Hartford, CT) gave me the idea to video A3 Closings and put them on the TV monitors in the break area so that people on 2nd and 3rd shift could watch them and don't miss out. A3 closings quite often morph into opportunities for managers to express gratitude....don't forget the people who work while we sleep.  
4. Lean learning-go ahead and tap "lean" into the search function on Google or YouTube, sit back and watch as thousands of lean videos come right to your desktop. For fun, go to to see how one really cool company, Fastcap,  preaches the gospel of lean via video. Why not watch one short video every single day to learn how others interpret and implement the seemingly simple concepts of the Toyota Production System.
Like anything else we do, we might struggle a bit when we first get started. Then, the more we do it, the easier it gets. The first video SOP I produced in my own company took three weeks! Before long, subsequent videos would be completed in a day or so, complete with voiceover. All of our "how to" videos were kept on the in-house network on a drive called "Duraflex University.

Give it a try this week. And make sure to have some fun with it! 

By: Bill Greider
Posted: December 5, 2016, 1:41 am

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