Veterans Day: Remembering Their Service

Veterans Day: Remembering Their Service

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Veterans Day: Remembering Their Service

As we get through the end of a contentious Presidential campaign, we will be trying to get back to a normal life without divisive politics. As we wind down though, let’s not forget that Friday represents an important day for Americans. We have the honor and opportunity this Friday to celebrate our veterans on Veterans Day. For most of us, Veterans Day just means a chance to enjoy an extra day off from school or work. However this November 11th, we need to be sure to spend a few minutes on its true purpose, by acknowledging the men and women who have served in our armed forces. These include the members of the US Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and the Coast Guard.

Be Grateful They Served

The history of this country has always been supported by a strong and ever-present military. To ensure that this nation remains strong, we require a strong military that consists of young men and women from across the social spectrum of the country. To constitute and maintain this strong military presence, we require those men and women to set aside their lives for a service obligation. Their terms of service range from short periods to life-long careers of service. Their service takes them to locations across the United States and around the globe. These courageous volunteers put themselves through an arduous and stressful service situation that requires a great sacrifice. Some give the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.

Honor Their Service

So, celebrate Veterans Day this Friday. Enjoy the time you get to spend with friends and family. Take in the beauty this country offers its citizens. Take advantage of the rights bestowed upon you as a citizen. Just take a few minutes and say thank you to a veteran. They have served and sacrificed so you may enjoy the lifestyle you follow in this country. We are blessed to be surrounded by those who sacrifice in such a selfless manner for the good of our nations. It just takes a simple Thank You!

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