Minitab: Developing Your Statistical Skills

Minitab: Developing Your Statistical Skills

By Discovery Lean Six Sigma

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Minitab: Developing Your Statistical Skills

Reasoning and Justification

What is the importance of Minitab training to a Six Sigma professional? The practice of Six Sigma requires us to rely on statistics and hard data. This allows the professional to provide continuous process improvement. Being able to evaluate and determine variances is a base of knowledge that just cannot be retained without reference. A Six Sigma practitioner depends on specialized tools to achieve success, such as Minitab. Being able to successful navigate and implement this powerful tool with confidence requires training and practice. The software platform enables a Six Sigma practitioner the ability to enter data, manipulate that data, understand trends, then extrapolate solutions to the challenges of the project. Without a clear understanding and confidence in operation of the Minitab software, Six Sigma professionals would struggle to provide accurate solutions to very complex issues, in a timely manner.

Minitab is Tailored For Quality

Achieving success in the Six Sigma profession demands that you have available and fully understand the use of the proper tools of the job. Every industry has their specific software that is unique to the application of their trade. Minitab is the leading software for Six Sigma professionals. Like any other process, it is crucial for a professional to understand the basic mechanics of the process, then graduate to an automated software platform. This ensures the professional understands the hows and whys of the process, before using the software. Learning the statistical applications of Six Sigma is crucial to anyone in the professional, it is simply a stepping stone to the next level of proficiency. Once you have mastered manual manipulation of the statistics, then moving into the Minitab software is the beginning of another learning process. Every professional software has a learning curve of manipulation and data entry. Minitab requires a certain level of education and understanding to achieve the desired results. Any practitioner of Six Sigma should complete a comprehensive and detailed training course on the Minitab software.

Achieving Success With Minitab

Your continued success in the Six Sigma profession depends on continuous and consistent training and education. An important part of this ongoing training effort should include a formal and comprehensive training on the Minitab software platform. When you are proficient and comfortable with the platform, you will be able to provide a better quality work product and achieve the results you are seeking in any project. It is a crucial skill to master.


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