March 2016

    GA 104 | How to Apply Lean to Your State with Alison Fisher

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    March 31, 2016 - Today's episode features Alison Fisher, the Program Director of Lean CT. Alison oversees the lean efforts for the entire state of Connecticut, which is obviously no small feat. It was fascinating to hear her take on how lean can be applied to...

    GA 103 | Our Favorite Episodes

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    March 24, 2016 - Today's episode is a little different. We asked the Gemba Academy team to tell us their favorite episodes to date, and compiled some powerful excerpts to share with all of you. This is truly a diverse set of stories, advice, and overall...

    GA 102 | Sustaining Your Lean Journey with William Harvey

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    March 17, 2016 - Today's guest is William Harvey, a former U.S. Marine with over a decade of experience in the printing and consumer packaging industries. William and Ron discuss strategy and culture, specifically what it takes to keep a lean journey going. This An...

    GA 101 | How to Implement a Lean Culture with Steven Leuschel

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    March 10, 2016 - Today's guest is Steven Leuschel, author of Lean Culture Change. He and I discuss the contents of the book, which focuses on the critical people component of lean. This An MP3 version of this episode is available for download here. In this episode...

    GA 100 | How to Survive with Matt May

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    March 3, 2016 - Today's episode marks a very special milestone for the Gemba Academy podcast. To celebrate our 100th episode, we brought back our first ever guest, Matt May. Matt shares the story of how he died (yes, you read that right), told from a profound...

Steven Bonacorsi

Steven Bonacorsi is the Founder of the Lean Six Sigma Group, President of ISLSS, and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

Steven Bonacorsi, President at the International Standard for Lean Six Sigma (ISLSS)
- Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma Methodology.
- Expert in Kaizen event for rapid project execution.
- Certified PMP (Project Management Professional)
- Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
- Masters in Computer Information Systems (MS-CIS)
- Numerous IT certifications.
- Over 20 years of Professional Business Consulting experience at the C-Level.
Executive Master Black Belt leading $ billion business transformation projects globally in multiple Industries. I am a leader who delivers results.