March 2016

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    Team of Nationality Group Owners

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    Team of Nationality Group Owners
    March 29, 2016 - Are you interested to manage a group in Lean Six Sigma Community ? Contact me !! We are searching people, passionate in Lean & Six Sigma methodologies, content's writers, capable to manage a Social Group in their own languages.

Venanzio Figliolino

Founder of Lean Six Sigma University - seeking for new challenge

Management engineer with 15+ years of experiences in multinational companies, employed in different roles but with common goals: Continuos Improvement, processes standardization, processes optimization and cost reduction.
I'm trainer and consultant about Lean & Six Sigma methodologies, I love to help organizations to improve their performances in terms of times/costs/defects/spaces reductions.
I love to experiment new approaches to comunicate, for transfering the information and not just for their transmission .
I founded Lean Six Sigma University & Community, two synergic projects developed for creating a common place where learn and divulgate knowledges about Lean and Six Sigma methodologies applied to different ambits.
The application of Lean & Six Sigma methods are not simply methods learned and applied, this is a cultural change.