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Lean six sigma community
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What we do...

We help companies to embark this fantastic journey towards excellence by adhering to the main reference frameworks: the EFQM, Baldrige, OEF. Striving for Excellence is a business path that can often seem hard to define. We want to provide a clear and well-defined guideline that can be followed by all organizations, of any type and size.

How we do it...

By hiring experts in one or more areas of the Company Organization, who, within a network, collect and put their knowledge and experience at the service of the community through the creation and dissemination of contents. The added value is to give structure to these contents, so that they can be seen as part of a broader learning path and used as useful information for practices. This structure was conceived, in a first version, starting from a careful analysis of the main reference frameworks at an international level. The European EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management), the American Baldrige Framework and the Canadian OEF (Organizational Excellence Framework) were considered. We also tried to keep the structure as adherent as more as possible to the current Quality Management Body of Knowledge of ASQ (American Society for Quality). This will ensure that the companies supported by our project will be able to aspire to obtain the prestigious awards that the organizations issue a front of the results obtained.
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Join us

Enrollment for Organizational Excellence is totally free. With a single registration you will be able to access the entire ecosystem that revolves around this project. You will have access to Orgex.org of course, leansixsigma.community, focused on Lean and Six Sigma methodologies and their respective e-learning platforms.
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Teach and/or Learn

In Organizational Excellence we believe that proper training is the basis of success. Formal training through our e-learning platform with free and paid courses, but above all informal training through sharing, networking with people who are passionate and have the same interests as us.
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Apply and Share

Share your successes but also your failures with us. Document your experiences by writing articles, asking for opinions on our forum on specific aspects of Organizational Excellence and the different applications of the guidelines indicated in the main international frameworks: EFQM, Baldrige, EOF.